Design as basis for efficient processes.

Corporate Principles of the Wirthwein Group.

We deliver top quality and innovative solutions at all our sites and in all our business fields. With our guiding principles we demonstrate our daily work in our relationships with customers, business partners and the general public.
Our corporate principles are binding to all our employees worldwide.

Tradition and Innovation

Our medium-sized family-owned company based on more than 60 years of tradition is deeply rooted and driven by long-term success and the will to actively shape innovative processes. We have to be quicker and better than the competition and be open to innovation. We strive to remain independent as we continue to grow.

Success and Performance

We aim to be among the best and not become complacent with what we have accomplished, which is demonstrated by every single employee‘s high willingness to perform. Our staff are our most valuable asset. We attach top priority to safeguarding jobs and a fair payment. We set great store by employing motivated, flexible and excellently trained people with a great will to perform. We constantly promote these features which are the basis for utmost customer satisfaction. We treat each other with mutual respect.

Regional and International

As an internationally oriented company, we are aware of our responsibility and the cultural diversity at all our locations with the focus on partnership and social awareness. Geographical proximity to our customers is important for us. We consider the responsible authorities and the interested public as partners. We pay respect to the interests of our neighbors. We commit ourselves to a free democratic basic order, free market economy and free competition.  We respect law and cultures of the countries which we are located in. We support innovative approaches and projects at all our locations which advance the development of our society and serve mankind.

Suppliers and Partners

We expect our suppliers to deliver top and constant quality. This is the reason why we cooperate with appropriate partners whose quality capability we regularly check and analyze. We aim to build up a cooperative and long-term partnership with our suppliers which requires a competitive advantage in quality, delivery service, price and problem-solving.

Quality and Satisfaction

We aim to satisfy our customers each and every time. That is why we do not compromise as regards the delivery of top quality products to our customers who set the standard for our quality. Our customers’ opinion on our products is the key factor to our success. We strive to deliver top-quality, flawless products to our customers, for which we have implemented a sophisticated quality management system. We aim to keep our customers satisfied with a winning combination of innovation, cost awareness and quality.

Ecology and Economy

The location of our sites in ecologically valuable areas requires a site-specific environmental policy. Compliance with legal and agreed environmental standards is a natural and vital part of our philosophy. We are committed to an economical handling of natural resources. This applies to both our manufacturing processes and our products. During development we make sure that all environmentally relevant aspects are taken into account. We endeavor to avoid waste as much as possible and otherwise to dispose of the waste or properly recycle it. By appropriate means and using the best technology available it is our aim to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum, above and beyond statutory requirements. Our suppliers are involved in this process, too.

Management and Responsibility

Our managers are to act as role models for their employees and advise them to implement and adhere to our corporate guidelines. In cooperation with our colleagues, superiors and business partners we assume responsibility and are reliable partners. We abide by our agreements at all times. Our cooperation is based on openness and mutual trust. In our relations with business partners and employees, we naturally respect each person's dignity. Our managers set high standards for themselves and their staff and involve them in decision-making processes. Our managers both challenge and empower their employees. Our employees and managers work constructively together with their superiors, colleagues and business partners. They create a positive working environment through their reliability and loyalty.

Equal Opportunities

We support equal opportunities for men and women regarding their further training and development. We aim at creating a working atmosphere in which all our employees feel well. We encourage our employees to bring their personal skills and experience into the company. Furthermore, we protect our employees‘ privacy and reject any form of discrimination.

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  • Mittlere Reife, Fachhochschulreife oder Abitur
  • Interesse an wirtschaftlichen Abläufen
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse
  • Teamfähigkeit
  • Kommunikationsfähigkeit
  • Organisationsfähigkeit
  • Erste Kenntnisse mit Microsoft-Office

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Trau' Dich und bewerbe dich jetzt!

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  • Jede Menge Abwechslung und Einblicke in kaufmännische Abteilungen wie z. B. Finanzbuchhaltung, Marketing, Vertrieb und Personalwesen
  • Arbeiten am PC mit diversen IT-Systemen und unterschiedlicher Software
  • Internationaler Austausch mit Geschäftspartnern und Kollegen/innen
  • Notenprämie bei sehr guten Leistungen in der Berufsschule
  • Teilnahme an internen und externen Schulungen der Wirthwein-Akademie


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