Competitive supplier management with a clear quality requirement.

Quality is always decisive, beginning with the selection of our suppliers and taking account of a sustainable procurement policy.  This conviction has a decisive influence on the purchase of over 1,200 different thermoplastic plastics, steels, standard components, customer-specific bought-in parts, packaging materials and production systems. Local and global market potentials are used appropriately for our customers in close consultation with the central Purchasing department of the Wirthwein group.

Supplier selection

We work with suppliers who have the same understanding of quality and partnership as ourselves. We focus on long-term, fair collaboration and integrate our suppliers early. Based on our supplier management, we perform regular assessments, qualifications and audits and thus assure our high quality requirement.

Procurement policy

The purchase of raw materials, technologies and services is always performed in compliance with the specified Wirthwein Medical quality standards and sustainable resource saving. Product group oriented procurement strategies and the close collaboration with the central Purchasing department of Wirthwein SE ensure competitive conditions.

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