Functional pharmaceutical primary packaging for maximum patient safety

Pharmaceutical primary packaging solutions

With the development of new, higher priced and more sensitive drugs, the requirements for the packaging material are also increasing. In addition to the pure pharmaceutical packaging task, our packaging materials fulfill a variety of functions relevant for safety such as barrier characteristics, light protection, exclusion of interactions or the simple, intuitive handling. Thereby, the health of the patient is in the foreground at all times. With the performance of Extractable & Leachable Tests, we can ensure that no harmful substances from the packaging material get into the drug. Already during the selection of the medical / FDA grade, we create the basis for a continuously high quality standard and orient ourselves in every production run to an error rate of 0 ppm.

  • Primary and secondary packaging materials
  • Certified according to DIN ISO 15378
  • Highest patient safety and ease of use
  • Absence of external particles / foreign bodies and DNA/RNA due to controlled ISO 7 clean room production
  • Integrated test procedures: storage tests, fall tests, leak tests, tensile tests, optical function tests, extractable & leachable tests, 100% camera inspections
  • Individual services such as coloring, decoration, labeling

Our customers expect individual and customized complete solutions that are also impressive in production runs of millions of parts with highest purity, precision and process reliability. Therefore, we give you a consistently tested quality promise at any time and with every Wirthwein Medical component.

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