Riegler expands range of technology and services

3D Bild von Maschine

3D prototyping technology produces first samples overnight

Mühltal. Fast and customer-specific product developments have been the drive at Riegler for the gradual expansion of the range of technology for 70 years. Riegler recently invested in in-house 3D prototyping technology for the acceleration of the development and design process. First ideas can be presented to the customer quickly and clearly. The major advantage is that first samples can be manufactured overnight after a 3D design is available.

The foundation is laid by the Design and Development Department of Riegler GmbH & Co. KG that, using a CAD system, constructively brings the first customer ideas into a form that is plastic-compatible and later can be economically manufactured form. "We have already used the 3D prototyping technology for new innovative closure systems and assemblies and this also in the combination of hard and soft materials", explains Dr. Thomas Jakob, Director of the Medical Technology Business Unit at Wirthwein AG and thus also responsible for Riegler in Mühltal in Hessen. This process is used at Riegler as early as the beginning of the development and design process to present first samples quickly and clearly to the customer and to check design as well as initial basic functionality.

The 3D prototyping process has already been used for the first function test to check stiffness and the future assembly of individual components and agree with the customer. The major advantage is still that the customer also has first prototypes available quickly and at low cost that are very close in form and design to the later production state. The experience in the design, material selection and design process for later series production - also for large volumes -flows in from 70 years of experience at Riegler.