PC donation to Romania

Creglingen/Mühltal. The family-owned company Wirthwein sent 30 PCs with monitors, keyboards and mice to Romania in summer. The equipment is now installed in various facilities and enables children as well as teenagers to receive better school and vocational training.

"It's great to see how the children and young people are already working intensively with the equipment and are visibly enjoying it," reports Hermann Gazke, who works in quality management at Wirthwein Medical in Mühltal. It was he who first made contact with the facilities and came up with the idea of donating the equipment. He knows the Christian support project from his private involvement in the "Evangelical Christian Baptist Church" in Michelstadt. The congregation regularly supports the sponsorship work on site and has already sent young members to Romania several times for a voluntary social year. Now Hermann Gazke placed the idea of a donation in kind with his employer, where the management as well as the Wirthwein family were enthusiastic from the start. Chief Sales Officer Marcus Wirthwein confirms: "Accompanying the training and development of young people has always been a very high priority in our company. That is why we are very happy to support the work of the caregivers and the digital education of the children in the Romanian institutions." Together with the Managing Director of Wirthwein Medical, Dr. Thomas Jakob, and the IT department in Mühltal and Creglingen, the procurement and subsequently the handling of the logistics were planned and implemented.

30 PCs in use at various facilities

Twelve of the PC´s are in use at the "Casa Onisim" children's home in Petrești, where 50 boys and girls currently live. Most of the new equipment is available to the children to do homework and prepare for lessons. The educators are also pleased to have new computers in their offices.Further equipment was provided to a project in Craiova that supports street children. Here, the new hardware makes the employees' daily work easier. The donation has also improved conditions for the 40 children at the daycare centers in Drăgănești-Olt and Drăgășani to do their homework and learn together with their caregivers. Ten computers were delivered to the children's home in Victoria-Iaşi, where 15 children live who previously had to get by without IT equipment. The computers installed here open up completely new possibilities in the children's school education.

All the projects supported have in common that they are not limited to the school career of their proteges, but also accompany the entry into working life and the development of young adults. Learn more about Casa Onisim www.casa-onisim.com

At the daycare center in Drăgănești-Olt, the boys and girls are quite proud of their new equipment.