Start of training at Wirthwein

New perspectives for 77 career starters

A total of 77 new apprentices and dual students started their training at the Wirthwein Group on September 1.  The young professionals start professional life in more than 20 different apprenticeship occupations and dual study courses in industrial, technical and commercial areas. The plastics specialist is currently supporting 230 apprentices and students across Germany. The training ratio has been over 10% in Germany for many years.

Being taken on as a permanent employee after completion of the apprenticeship has been a fixed part of the company philosophy at Wirthwein since the existence of the apprenticeship training.


Exciting agenda for the first working day

Wirthwein has planned a varied program for the "newcomers" for the first day in the company in Creglingen. The objective is that the new arrivals and the group can mutually get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. The day starts punctually at 08:00 for the career starts in the meeting room of the company. The apprentices and dual students from last year present the basic key data of the company in an attractive presentation. The young people are guided through the various departments of the site in the company tour afterwards. The eventful day is traditionally ended with the factory tour at the subsidiary company Winkler Design in Röttingen.

On the following day, a mentor from the same apprenticeship occupation / course of study is assigned to the career starters for the duration of the occupational training.   The annual trainee grill party follows in the second week of September to deepen the relationship between the new and existing apprentices and students. One highlight of the introductory month is particularly the trainee excursion.  This year's excursion is to Daimler AG in Rastatt on September 30.


Future prospects of the career starters

In addition to the transfer of technical and operational knowledge, there is also the individual development of personality characteristics and competences such as reliability, ability to work in a team and tolerance. Wirthwein provides internal further training opportunities, activities for supporting the community and the possibility to accumulate international professional experiences.