Major fire drill of the youth fire department

In October, a joint major fire drill of the youth fire department took place on the premises of Wirthwein Medical GmbH & Co. KG. A total of 108 children between the ages of 10 and 17 from the communities of Mühltal, Ober-Ramstadt and Modautal took part.

A total of 20 fire engines with blue lights and sirens arrived for the drill. Beforehand, each vehicle was assigned a defined place on the company premises. The children took fire-fighting water from Modau, a river near the company premises, and carried out various fire-fighting exercises. Among the audience were the parents, Willi Muth, Mayor of Mühltal, Michael Beck, Municipal Fire Inspector, and Heiko Schecker, District Fire Inspector of the Darmstadt-Dieburg district. The team spirit and motivation of the fire department groups could be felt all over the company premises.

Drills of this type are performed at Wirthwein Medical GmbH & Co. KG once or twice a year. This year, for example, the Nieder-Ramstadt volunteer fire department carried out a more extensive fire drill. In this exercise, the focus was on fire extinguishing and on rescuing people from buildings.

Wirthwein Medical GmbH & Co. KG is currently carrying out more in-house drills and training in the field of fire protection. The training focuses on the safety of employees and the most important emergency measures in case of emergency.