Coronavirus: Statement Dr. Thomas Jakob Medical Technology Business Unit Director

Portrait von Dr. Thomas Jakob

„Roads grow out of going them together!“ 

In the last days and weeks we have been confronted with daily news concerning the coronavirus and new challenges. We have risen to the challenges together and have adapted our working methods by home office solutions via Skype or new working models and optimized safety measures for our daily contact at work. Moreover, we have all had to reorganize our private lives. We all know that these changes too require great effort and organization.

We have all broken new ground which – to the surprise of all of us – has lead to a new but mostly more efficient and productive collaboration. Our workforce has pulled together from the beginning. Also in close cooperation with all our suppliers we have succeeded in continuing ongoing series production for our globally active customers of the diagnostics, medical engineering, and pharmaceutics industries. Particularly now due to recent events we make an important contribution by producing and delivering globally applied diagnostic products for testing and subsequent treatment of coronavirus patients.

I am extremely proud of this deeper “We are RIEGLER / WIRTHWEIN“ feeling which these difficult framework conditions brought about. And I am extremely proud of being part of this team. Many thanks to everyone for your passionate commitment under the presently changing framework conditions in private life and at work.

I feel confident that with this brilliant team performance we will master the upcoming weeks and months. May everybody stay fit and healthy so that we can continue delivering powerfully our valuable products for quick diagnosis and recovery of sick people to our customers!

Thank you very much

Dr. Thomas Jakob
Medical Technology Business Unit Director