Award of the Europass certificates

Europass-Übergabe an Pascale Gebhard

Open doors for working and learning in Europe

Darmstadt. The Europass certificates were awarded to the participants of the EU "Erasmus+" project by the Hessian Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Ralph Alexander Lorz, at the "International Professional Training" conference.

Yasemin Riegler (office management assistant) and Pascale Gebhard (industrial clerk), both apprentices of Riegler GmbH & Co. KG in Mühltal, participated in the "Erasmus+" project last year. They spent three weeks in London to complete a language course and an internship there. Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. Riegler GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary company of the internationally active Wirthwein AG with sites in Germany, Poland, Spain, China, the USA and Turkey. Accordingly, it is important for the company with around 3,650 employees worldwide to train young professionals in an international environment and maintain the inter cultural dialog.


Stay in London

A language course took place in the first week in which a British native gave insights into the London culture and important tips in professional life. The course mainly focused on pronunciation and emphasis.

The internship took place in the following two weeks: Both people from Mühltal were able to gain insights into the London professional life. Yasemin Riegler completed the internship in the commercial department of an hotel chain and Pascale Gebhard in a London property company.

In their leisure time, the two apprentices together with the other 13 interns of the group from the Martin-Behaim school in Darmstadt visited the sights and their surroundings of the UK capital city.


Europass award "International Professional Training" in Darmstadt

The "International Professional Training" conference covered the mutual exchange that companies, schools and institutions can give the opportunity to their trainees to accumulated professional experiences abroad.  A discussion took place in which the participants, schools and employers reported their experiences in this respect.

In the framework of this conference, all participants were awarded the Europass as mobility certificate by the Vice President of IHK-Darmstadt, Dr. Kai Beckmann, and the Hessian Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Ralph Alexander Lorz. The Europass is a document that conveys an overall picture of the qualifications and competences of individual persons and makes their comparability in the European context easier.

Rhein-Main TV and diverse print media were present during the event:

Europass-Übergabe an Pascale Gebhard

Dr. Kai Beckmann (Vice President IHK Darmstadt), Pascale Gebhard (apprentice at Riegler GmbH & Co.KG), Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz (Hessian Minister of Education).

Dr. Kai Beckmann (Vice President IHK Darmstadt), Yasemin Riegler (apprentice at Riegler GmbH & Co. KG), Prof. Dr. R. Alexander Lorz (Hessian Minister of Education).